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All posts from Paul Sorene - Page 8

7th September '16 0 750

William P. Gottlieb's Mirror Images From The Golden Age Of Jazz (1938 - 1948)

Writer and photographer William P. Gottlieb documented the jazz scene in New York City and Washington, D.C., from 1938 to 1948, a time seen as the "Golden Age of Jazz".

6th September '16 1 2849

Sassy Women In 1970s New York Purgatory, By Meryl Meisler

"You can never go to heaven, the best you can do is purgatory”

5th September '16 0 778

Andy Warhol Eats A Burger King And Asks 'Where is the beautiful McDonald's?'

Andy Warhol never did shill for Burger King. But in 1981 he did eat a burger on camera for an art film made by Danish poet, novelist, filmmaker and Tour De France TV commentator Jorgen Leth.

5th September '16 0 1395

The Bogus Magazine Story That Gave Birth To Saturday Night Fever

The June 7, 1976 issue of New York Magazine featured the story Tribal Rights of Saturday Night. Nik Cohn had an insight into a new youth culture. He introduced us to Vincent, the "Ultimate Face"...

4th September '16 0 1479

Only The Dead Know Brooklyn: Irwin Klein's 'Bensonhoist' Color Views of Brooklyn (1972-1974)

"In one of Irwin’s last letters to me, his brother, he mentioned how he enjoyed a short story, Only the Dead Know Brooklyn by Thomas Wolfe. Irwin also said he was working on a new volume of slides using that same title."

3rd September '16 0 1970

Oh Venice Then! Oh Venice Empty! A Glorious Day Out In 1961

Oh Venice then! Oh Venice empty! No ghastly megalith cruise ships, no Disneyland fake Carnival, no jester’s hats, no masks...

2nd September '16 0 732

John Coltrane’s Notes For A Love Supreme And Miles Davis' God-Given Gift

"I gave him [a] soprano saxophone…and he started playing it. I could already hear the effect it would have on his tenor saxophone playing, how it would revolutionize it..."

1st September '16 0 3723

Accidental Mysteries And Curious Feet: A Collection of Found Photos

"I am John Foster, and I collect things. Objects. I collect art by people whose names are well known. And objects whose makers are unknown..."

31st August '16 0 651

Bookstalls On Farringdon Road 1966

Libby Hall shares these great pictures of bookstalls on London's Farringdon Road in 1966....

30th August '16 0 559

An 11-Year-Old Martin Scorsese Draws Storyboards For The Eternal City (1953) And Silence

When he was 11 years old, Martin Scorsese (born November 17, 1942 in Queens, New York City) drew this storyboard for a Roman epic, The Eternal City...