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All posts from Paul Sorene - Page 8

17th January '17 0 1090

River City Reunion: Beat Generation Authors Reconvene In Kansas 1987

"I think it was Allen Ginsberg who first suggested a get together in Lawrence, Kansas," Rosemary Marchetta tells me. "A year and a lot of hard work later the gathering took place in September 1987."

13th January '17 2 727

William Peter Blatty: The 'Arab Prince' Who Fooled Hollywood And Wrote The Exorcist

In the 1950s, Blatty wrote an article published in the Saturday Evening Post about posing as Prince Xeer, the wayward son of King Saud of Saudi Arabia on vacation in Hollywood...

13th January '17 0 788

Tundra Kids: Nenet Children Inside Russia’s Indigenous Boarding School

At the start of each school year, Nenet children aged 3 to 13 are taken by helicopter from their homes on the tundra to spend 9 months in a boarding school.

10th January '17 0 1184

Gorgeous and Intriguing Photos Of Pre-Cold War Vienna 1959-1960

"In 1959 I had just turned 18. I had my first ‘proper’ camera," writes Libby Hall.

9th January '17 0 755

Jack Kerouac's Golden Letter to Edie: Nothing Ever Happened. Everything Is Ecstasy

Dear Edie, It's all like a dream. Everything is ecstasy, inside. We just don't know it because of our thinking-minds...

8th January '17 0 785

My Cub Scout Log Book (1957)

Were you a cub scout in May 1957 in Beverly, New Jersey, a suburb of Philadelphia? If you were, this could be you...

7th January '17 0 1572

The World's Ancient Trees: Where To Find Them And What They Teach Us

Beth Moon's spectacular, hyper-real yet romantic portraits of ancient, strange and immense trees rooted in existence inspire us all to get out of ourselves and into nature

5th January '17 1 1020

Trader Vic's Kitchen Kibitzer: Illustrations From A 1952 Cookbook

In 1952, even the most hapless schmuck with a tiny paper umbrella could whip up a menu like they do in Trader Vic's, the Polynesian-themed restaurant chain

3rd January '17 1 1933

Robin Williams Miming In Central Park (1974)

In 1974, 22-year-old Daniel Sorine trained his camera on two mime artists performing in New York's Central Park. One was Robin Williams

2nd January '17 0 1360

Europe's Last Pagans: The Mari People

'Europe's Last Pagans' is the role given to the Mari tribes