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All posts from Paul Sorene - Page 5

15th June '17 0 747

Joseph Brodsky Delivers His Essential 6 Rules For Living Well: Ann Arbor December 18, 1988

On December 18, 1988, Nobel Prize for Literature winner Joseph Brodsky (May 24, 1940–January 28, 1996) addressed the graduating class at the University of Michigan. It's a great speech.

14th June '17 1 1150

Soviet Citizens See The Future: Photos From The 1959 Kitchen Debate

In 1959, US Vice President Richard M. Nixon and Soviet supremo Nikita S. Khrushchev debated whose goods were better, if objects made under capitalism were inferior to those made under communism and vice-versa.

13th June '17 1 1455

Free Ambient Music From Blade Runner, Alien, Star Wars And Doctor Who To Aid Relaxation, Creativity And Deep Sleep

Thanks to YouTuber "Cheesy Nirvosa" you can chill out with the sound of "longform space and scifi ambience" - aka ambient geek sleep aids.

12th June '17 4 6193

Wonderful Futuristic Visions of Germany By Artists In 1930

These visions of the future are part of collector's album issued in 1930 by Echte Wagner, a German margarine company.

10th June '17 1 1257

Every Page A Wonder: A Sublime Victorian Scrapbook

I love scrapbooks. In my opinion, they are often a strangely beautiful combination of dada, kitsch, soul and in this case, a mild form of hypomania.

9th June '17 0 1479

Alexander Girard's Groovy Braniff Airlines Playing Cards (1968)

Each card features a Girard illustration and English phrase, with Spanish and Portuguese translations for the Jet Set crowd...

9th June '17 3 1261

Snapshots From A Spring Party in 1965 Fresno

It's back in time to a spring 1965 party at Fresno State College, Fresno, California.

8th June '17 0 766

The Famous Wonderground Map of London Town Made Time Travel Possible (1914)

In 1914, traveling on the London Underground meant taking a journey through time

7th June '17 0 951

Photos Of New Yorkers After Learning About The D-Day Invasion - June 6, 1944

At 3:32 a.m. EST, on June 6, 1944 Americans heard for the first time that the D-Day invasion had begun.

7th June '17 0 873

The 12 Enemies of Socialism by Fred Deltor (1928)

This is a portfolio of twelve hand-coloured pochoir prints depicting the enemies of Socialism: "Jeu de Massacre" (Game of destruction) by Fred Deltor