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All posts from Paul Sorene

17th August '17 0 207

F. Scott Fitzgerald's Sketch Of An Odd Dinner With His Hero James Joyce (1928)

In 1928 author F. Scott Fitzgerald Fitzgerald and James Joyce shared a dinner in Paris

16th August '17 0 556

Artist Makes Hieronymus Bosch Piñatas

LA-based artist Roberto Benavidez makes fabulous hand-made piñatas.

15th August '17 1 764

The US Army's Official 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Homosexual Policy Comic Book (2001)

In 2001, the US Army published Dignity & Respect: A Training Guide on Homosexual Conduct Policy. The comic book would instruct soldiers in 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'...

13th August '17 0 15587

'Kiss My Ass': Bill Baxley's 1976 Letter To The KKK

On February 28 1976, Bill Baxley, Attorney General of Alabama, replied to a letter from white supremacist Edward R. Fields.

12th August '17 0 912

Henri Michaux's Trippy Educational Film On The Effects of Mescaline & Hashish (1963)

In 1963, Sandoz, the Swiss company that first synthesized LSD in 1938, commissioned poet and painter Henri Michaux (24 May 1899 – 19 October 1984) to create a film to show the power of hallucinogenic drugs.

6th August '17 0 3275

Snapshots of Led Zeppelin at Knebworth August 4th 1979

Snapshots of the Knebworth Festival on August 4 1979, featuring Steve Vaughan and his friends and headliners Led Zeppelin.

3rd August '17 0 1301

Sam Shepherd's Love Letters To His Former Father In Law

"I love this woman in a way I can’t describe & a feeling of belonging to each other that reaches across all the pain. It’s as though we’ve answered something in each other that was almost forgotten."

2nd August '17 0 1562

Photos From Behind The Barricades At The Warsaw Uprising (1944)

On 1 August 1944, the Polish Resistance in Warsaw rose up and fought back against the occupying Germans.

31st July '17 1 504

Ezra Pound’s 23 'Don’ts' For Writing Verse (1913)

A list of 'Don’ts' for those of you starting to write poetry, by Ezra Pound

29th July '17 2 691

Cradling Hyper-Realistic Babies In Uncanny Valley

In “Mother Love,” I collaborated with an outsider art making community called the Reborners, a group of self-taught female artists who hand-make, collect and interact with hyper-realistic dolls.