The most pampered pets who travel by jet, gold coach and handbag

SOME people might wonder what kind of person would pay upwards of a thousand pounds for a short flight – and then spend the same amount again to allow their dog to in the set in the seats next to them. Answer: the kind of people who fly with the Victor jet charter company (founded by Clive Jackson, pictured above), which has just launched the service.

Not that there’s anything new about pampered pets of course…


Speaking of flying, when airlines refused to allow Mariah Carey’s Jack Russell to travel in first class, she had him chauffeur-driven in her own car instead.


When not in Paris Hilton’s handbag, this tiny chihuahua resides in the $325,000 dog house at her home in Beverly Hills.


Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee lived cheek by jowl with his in-no-way-peculiar owner, as celebrated in various tasteless jokes at the time. They wore the same clothes and Bibbles had his own bodyguard. Home is now in an animal sanctuary in California.

Royal corgis

Not only is their food is prepared by the royal chefs, but it is claimed that the Queen prepares each one a stocking at Christmas.


George Clooney’s Vietnamese pot-bellied pig lived in his Hollywood Hills mansion for many years until his death. He was said to have caused the break-up of several relationship, because Clooney refused to put him outside.