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Stone Cold Foxes of Saturday Morning Television

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Remember Saturday mornings in the 1970s and early 80s? All was right with the world. Back then, there weren’t 24 hour kid networks, so Saturday morning was sacred. If you were still eating Frankenberry in your footie pajamas, chances are you didn’t notice this time zone was actually chock full of foxes. Yes, you read that right – real, non-cartoon, smoking hot ladies of Saturday morn.   In case you forgot, here’s a rundown of 8 of them in no particular order….

1. Isis (The Secrets of Isis)

saturday morning foxes (2)
You may remember Joanna Cameron as a stone cold fox in the very adult film Pretty Maids All in a Row, starring Rock Hudsun as a high school coach and serial rapist. But most know her as Isis, who looked awesome twirling and flying around in her micro-miniskirt; although, her sexist asshole partner, Rick, nearly ruins every episode. Trust me – he was a real douche.


2. Electra Woman (The Krofft Supershow)

saturday morning foxes (1)

Before she became Marlena on Days of Our Lives, Deidre Hall was the spandexed super gal Electra Woman on The Krofft Supershow. While Dyna Girl was none too shabby, Hall’s character was transcendent. Electra Woman will forever be embedded in the memories of American boys who grew up in the 70s.

3. Emmy Jo (The New Zoo Revue)

saturday morning foxes (4)

Just as many young girls had stars in their eyes for the likes of Shaun Cassidy and Leif Garrett, there were also a healthy number of little boys in the 1970s who couldn’t peel themselves away from the lovely Emmy Jo (Emily Peden). The fact that she often wore a mini skirt and danced go-go style in nearly every episode might have had something to do with our infatuation.

saturday morning foxes (5)

As many of you will recall, The New Zoo Revue came on well before the “good stuff” (The Superfriends, Hong Kong Phooey, Captain Caveman, etc.). So, it was on a bit too early for kids old enough to appreciate Emmy Jo…… but those early-risers were rewarded with one of the prettiest chicks to ever grace Saturday morning TV.


4. Avril Chown (The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show)

hudson brothers

Unlike the Bay City Rollers, the Hudson Brothers had enough sense to feature a pretty lady on their program: Canadian actress/musician, Avril Chown. You can catch her in the intro right after Murray Langston (who would later become The Unknown Comic) and just before the bear (0:26).

It’s also worth noting that Bill Hudson (one of the three Hudson brothers) was one of the biggest playboys of his day. He would end up marrying Goldie Hawn (their daughter is Kate Hudson), but I can’t help but think Playboy Bill had Avril on the casting couch a time or two. (Just a theory, mind you.)


5. Rani (Land of the Lost)

saturday morning foxes (3)

Rani was only in one episode [Season 1, Episode 15: “Elsewhen” (1974)], but that was more than enough screen time for young boys of the 1970s who might have exploded had they been served Rani every Saturday.

Rani is probably a future Holly who has come to warn her and give her strength to carry on when her father and brother are gone. The actress who played Rani, Erica Hagen, was in Soylent Green, a few other movies and tons of television throughout the Seventies. By the end of the decade she had faded into obscurity.

6. Glorious Gal (The Kids Super Power Hour)

saturday morning foxes (3)

Becky Perle was glorious indeed. This girl in her skimpy outfit and superhero go-go boots was eye-candy par excellence for the pre-teen set. The show featured animated segments (“Hero High”) integrated with live performances primarily consisting of lame jokes and schmaltzy musical numbers…

Becky Perle went on to play an anonymous screaming vixen in Bachelor Party, then disappeared into obscurity. But there was another member of the Kids Super Power Hour that deserves a place on this list…


7. Dirty Trixie (The Kids Super Power Hour)

saturday morning foxes (2)

What kind of name is “Dirty Trixie” for a Saturday morning superhero? The actress who played this character with a name like a filthy whore is married to Willie Aames (“Eight is Enough”, “Charles in Charge”, Zapped!). While she didn’t wear a bathing-suit style costume like her cohort, Glorious Gal; Dirty Trixie lived up to her name with a puberty-inducing skin tight full body leotard.


8. Ruth (Ark II)

saturday morning foxes (4)

Oh, to travel with Jean Marie Hon aboard her futuristic RV – this is what dreams are made of.
Yes, I know. There’s a frighteningly annoying chimp on board as well, but if he knows what’s good for him, he’ll stay out of our way.


Honorable Mention: The Animated Ladies of Saturday Morning

saturday morning foxes (1)

From Captain Caveman’s Angels (top left) to Alexandra Cabot of Josie and the Pussycats (top right) who wore the shortest skirts in TV history, Saturday mornings were full of smoking hot animated mamas: Daphne from Scooby Doo, Tarra from Herculoids, Princess Ariel from Thundar the Barbarian, Rosie the Operator from Hong Kong Phooey……  yes, they were all animated; but 70s kids weren’t too particular.  In fact, it sounds like a worthy topic for another day.  Until then.

  • Dalle Robberts

    I’m sure the only reason Marilyn Patch as the ultra-hot-pantsed Happy Harmony of “The New Howdy Doody Show” didn’t make it onto this list, is because that show was on weekday syndication rather than Saturday mornings!

    • Nice call. She was the only leggy babe to be found on weekday kids shows – none to be found on Captain Kangaroo, Sesame Street, Bozo or Mister Rogers. Marilyn stands alone.

      • Dalle Robberts

        Indeed she does. Her long, luscious pantyhosed legs did a lot to my developing male psyche!

        • I agree, Mr. Robberts. i bought some of those Howdy Doody episodes for my great-nephew. He does seem interested in them, but i watch them just to see Happy Harmony.

  • Scott S.

    Ah ‘The Kids Super Power Hour (with Shazaam!)’ – Glorious Gal was something else. Not many people remember that one-season-wonder show.

    • I’m not sure if this is due to it being forgettable or it being repressed. As I recall, one of the superheroes was really overweight and wore ultra tight-fitting spandex – I’ve tried to repress that memory myself.

      • Dalle Robberts

        I remember reading somewhere that the “Hero High” characters were originally intended to be the Archies as super-heroes, but the rights could not be obtained. Captain California would have been Archie; Glorious Gal, Betty; Rex Ruthless, Reggie; etc. (Punk Rock even looked like Jughead!!)

    • The Shazam cartoon was ten times better than the live action show of the 70s. I remember Glorious Gal. She was a wonder to behold. The character Yeoman Lowbrow is thinking of was Weather Guy (I think). The only other thing I remember seeing that actor in was a Lavern & Shirley. He was a frat boy/blind date Shirley hooked Lavern up with. There was an African-American girl in the group called Misty Magic. The actress that played her was married to Jimmy Walker at one point. I know Yeoman Lowbrow would want me to bring it to light that a girl on that show married KID DDDYYYYYYNNNNNOOOO-MITE!

  • Fred Johansen

    Lets also remember that all those boobies were real.

    • Spuddie

      I will never forget!!!

  • Tom Beiter

    So glad you included Avril Chown. I recently bought a copy of the Hudson Brothers show and was surprised I didn’t remember her. Of course, the first time around I was only 8 or 9. I could watch her dance “The Razzle Dazzle Wrap Up” over and over…
    And Erica Hagen also appeared on Land of the Lost as a mirage of Holly’s mother (a Sleestak trick).

  • Stanley Bruce Carter

    Don’t forget Space Academy

    • joseph powell

      Yess! The girl to the right (Adrian) was played by the lovely Maggie Cooper; this show first aired when I was ten, and seeing her in those sexy short skirts drove me CRAZY!!!

  • The Emperor

    I know that I’m late to this, and yes there are some excellent choices here. However, let’s not leave out Josie and the OTHER Pussycats as well (especially Melody who is rumored to have been based on Cheryl Ladd).

    Jan from Space Ghost.
    Wonder Woman
    The Blonde Girls from Inch High Private Eye and Funky Phantom
    The oldest daughter of the Chan Clan
    And I know that Electra Woman was mentioned already, but lets not sell Dyna Girl SHORT! She was HOT!