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2nd January '16 1 7076

Edward Gorey's Wonderfully Illustrated Envelopes And Letters

Between September 1968 and October 1969, Edward Gorey (February 22, 1925 – April 15, 2000) collaborated on three children’s books with author and editor Peter F. Neumeyer

12th March '14 1 623

11 Regretful Rejection Letters Sent To People Who Became Hugely Famous

IF at first you don't succeed, keep a file of all the rejection letters those who never understood replied by. When you're famous, let the world know the fool who said 'no'. Here are 11 rejection letters sent from companies to ailing wannabes. But we'll kick off our gallery of regret with a rejection letter Hunter S Thompson wrote himself...

17th August '12 0 1750

Moors Murders: Winnie Johnson's letters to Myrah Hindley and Magaret Thatcher's reply

In 1986, Winnie Johnson wrote to Myra Hindley, the murderer who along with Ian Brady kidnapped, tortured and murdered her 12-year-old son Keith Bennett...

25th August '15 0 6563

The Art Of Writing: The Joy Of Illustrated Letters (1800-1980)

Remember handwritten letters? Pretty much the only hndwritten missives anyone gets today are birthday cards. But once upon a time, pen and paper were at technology's bleeding edge.

6th February '16 1 1463

Dear Children of Troy: Leading Figures Write Letters On The Magic of Libraries (1971)

When the Troy Public Library on 510 West Big Beaver opened in 1971, children's librarian Marguerite Hart wrote to a host of famous names asking them to reply with a congratulatory letter, addressed to the children of Troy...

31st October '16 2 1279

Burt Reynolds Hot Line: The Letters I Get.. And Write (1972)

"Hi, Burt Baby, One night of heaven! Oh Burt if I live to be a million I'll never forget last night. If I live to be a million nothing else will ever touch it...

27th September '13 0 3179

James Joyce’s fart-laden sex story letters to his wife Nora

What do we want to find when we read a dead man's letters? Humanity? Treasure? Confession? And what if that person were famous?..

12th June '16 2 6900

Overbrook Asylum For The Insane: Photos And Letters From The Edge

In 1896, officials in Essex County, New Jersey, earmarked land for the construction of a hospital for mental health.

3rd February '14 0 421

Letters Of Note: August 1966 - Police Receive This Anonymous Letter About The Krays

The two Kray brothers are too clever and tricky for you...

1st August '16 0 410

Jerry Garcia's Touching 1982 Letters And Sketch To A Vogue Cover Model

I’ve been hoping we could get together ever since we first met at Al’s that winter nite so long ago (sigh)...