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3rd July '16 0 2306

Men on Vintage Knitting Patterns

When we brought you highlights from the University of Southhampton’s online Knitting Reference Library, looking though the patterns, journals, ‘stitchionaries’, magazines and books from 1849 to the present day we noticed one recurring theme: men.

3rd October '16 0 2455

The Joy Of People Knitting In The 20th Century

Excuse me a moment,' murmured Mr Saxby, applying himself to the sock again. 'I'm just turning the heel. Do you knit?'

13th June '16 0 2407

Highlights From The Online Knitting Reference Library 1849 to 2012

Knitters can enjoy the University of Southhampton's online Knitting Reference Library, featuring patterns, journals, 'stitchionaries', magazines and books from 1849 to the present day.

7th November '16 1 5616

A Brilliant Study In 1980s Jumpers and Knitting

"Found this 1986 knitting pattern book in a second hand book sale - felt the need to share them with the world," writes Wit Knit.

17th July '14 0 2573

'Knit One, Purl One, Kill One': 1970s Emasculating Action Man Knitting Patterns

In 1960s and 70s Britain there was arguably no toy more masculine than Palitoy’s Action Man (Hasbro’s GI Joe in the US). ..

8th November '12 0 5279

Unforgivable home croch clothes from the 1970s

Did you buy Aunt Lydia's Knit Crochet Heavy Rug Yarn? Did you read publications like Knitting & Crochet, In Shawls and The Easy Art of Ripple Crochet? These people did...

10th January '17 0 802

Sam Barsky Knits Sweaters of Places And Wears Them To Those Places

Sam Barsky makes sweaters of places and then takes pictures of himself wearing the sweaters at those places.

16th August '16 0 669

Liberty Of London Window Displays, December 1962

In December 1962, Alan Hailstone took these photographs of London department store window displays. ..

18th September '14 0 824

A 1970s Yarn-alanche of DIY Threads

Let me give you a quick lesson in 1970s Yarnology

22nd December '10 0 451

The Bay City Rollers And Ann Margaret's Saturday Night Special: The Greatest Audience Video

Here we see the conflagration that resulted from bringing the white-hot talent of the Bay City Rollers and Ann Margaret into close proximity with a combustible crowd of geriatric hoodlums and good-time gals...