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1st July '17 4 1312

Women in Vintage Tobacco Advertising

Let's have a look at advertisements from decades past which focus specifically on women enjoying a fresh pack of smokes

2nd December '14 2 3008

Shame Tactics in Vintage Advertising

One of the surest marketing tactics is the "embarrassment factor"...

11th July '17 4 2126

Sex Sells Seats: Vintage Airline Advertising

We all know that airlines frequently used their stewardesses as a means to get men aboard. But the "sex sells" approach didn't end there.

14th October '16 2 1153

Smells Like Only Yesterday: Vintage Perfume Advertising

Back in January 2015, we covered men's cologne advertising; so, in the spirit of equality, let's have a look at perfumes for women...

20th April '15 1 4015

30 Celebrities in Vintage Commercials & Advertising

es, that's Barbara Eden in a 1964 advert for suntan lotion, before she became Jeannie. Indeed, vintage advertising is overflowing with celebs selling everything from toothpaste to tampons....

6th February '17 3 2384

Cassette Tape Advertising of the 1960s-1980s

The advent of the cassette tape was a major breakthrough for music lovers - a boon that can't be appreciated by millennials who take music-on-demand for granted.

16th November '16 2 1375

Love at First Light: Romance in 1970s Cigarette Advertising

Soak in the romantic splendor and unbridled happiness that is tobacco. All You Need Is Love... and a Marlboro Light.

17th November '16 4 1211

The Polyester Splendor of 1970s Men's Fashion Advertising

Do you think you have what it takes to endure a motherload of disco-era studs with feathered hair, high-waisted slacks, and plaid leisure suits? Be prepared for dangerous amounts of polyester radiation, and toxic levels of Hai-Karate exposure. This isn't your effeminate present-day glossy men's fashion advertising- this is 1970s men's fashion advertising - and these macho swingers don't mess around....

10th March '16 0 1389

20 Superb Mid-Century Advertising Trade Card Postcards

Want to get ahead in business? Get a postcard...

16th March '15 3 3777

Lost in Translation: Japanese Advertising in the 1960s-80s

Nothing makes me want to buy chocolate more than a man being attacked by creepy stuffed monkeys.