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6th May '15 2 6322

Led Zeppelin's Mile-High Party Aboard The Starship 1973

In 1973 Led Zeppelin travelled on the Starship - a pimped United Airlines Boeing 720B passenger jet.

20th February '17 1 1468

Win A Jethro Tull T-shirt That Will Drive The Girls Wild With Desire

T-shirts meant sex. Wear the right one and you're in luck. So get a load of this offer from Jethro Tull.

27th December '13 0 1152

The Celebrity Party Tricks Hall of Fame

By rock’n’roll standards the party was tame, but Johnny Rotten’s antics – including diving face first into the cake – deserve a modest place in the Celebrity Party Tricks Hall of Fame....

3rd November '14 0 9276

Live Aid In Photos: July 13 1985

Were you there?

2nd May '14 0 570

Breathe New Life Into Your Playlists With 100 Songs As Chosen By New Wavers

COULD your Spotify and iTunes playlists use some sprucing up? Let these Post Punk and Synth Pop artists rejuvinate your tired lists with their fresh audio suggestions. Pulled from the pages of 1980 issues of Smash Hits magazine are ten “All Time Top Ten Lists” as chosen by selected New Wavers...

10th March '14 51 637

Fruit of the Rhyme: 8 Songs of Fruit

THE problem with songs about food is that, well, they’re never really about food. Tasty as brown sugar is, the Stones weren't really singing about sucrose. And when Robert Plant sings “Your custard pie, yeah, sweet and nice. When you cut it, mama, save me a slice” he’s not talking about pastries. You might say it’s a time honored tradition for rock and pop musicians to use food as symbols of sex and drugs. We certainly can’t go through them all, so let’s narrow it down and focus just on songs with fruit in the title. Here’s a playlist that not only is interesting and fun, but also rich in Vitamin C...

3rd June '16 0 2333

Scottish Record Store Bags 1950-1990

Thanks to Leon at The British Record Shop Archive, we've pulled together a gallery of record shop bags from Scotland.

14th July '15 4 1996

Great Songs Made Silly: Unfortunate Uses of Classic Tunes in Commercials

27th May '15 6 15567

The 35 Greatest Songs About US Cities and States (1960s-1970s)

It has to have the specific geographical place in the title. So, “Take Me Home Country Roads” by John Denver won’t qualify

30th July '14 5 4965

Hail To The Gatefold: 9 Stoned, Sexy, Pretentious, And Evil Varieties