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All posts from John Kenneth Muir - Page 8

9th January '16 3 2412

A Chilling Journey Through Worlds Beyond Imagination: Remembering James Blish's Star Trek Books

The year 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the original Gene Roddenberry series Star Trek (1966-1969).

4th January '16 0 1273

A Product of Genius: A Eulogy for Sony Betamax (1975 – 2016)

In memoriam...

2nd January '16 1 625

Would You Believe…Don Adams Pitch Man for Skittle Games?

The late, great Don Adams (1923-2005) gained long-lived pop culture fame for his role as Agent 86...

29th December '15 0 1420

No Batteries Required: Remembering the Fisher Price Movie Viewer (1973)

23rd December '15 2 788

You Are Looking at The Future: Devo, Ray Charles, and Mr. Wizard for Pioneer Laserdiscs

In my previous Flashbak article this week, I remembered Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy hawking Magnavox videodisc systems in 1982.

19th December '15 0 784

Leonard Nimoy and Magnavox: “The Brightest Ideas in the World Are Here to Play”

Leonard Nimoy also had a career hawking products...

15th December '15 0 662

Sci-Fi Scrooges: 5 Times Cult-TV Programs Adapted Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, was originally published in 1843.

13th December '15 0 946

TV PIXXX: The UItimate New Game Show of the 1980s

At the height of the first Video Game Age – in the late 1970s and early 1980s – a local TV station, WPIX in New York City launched a game show called TV-PIXXX.

8th December '15 3 804

Everything You Never Expected from a Computer: Remembering the Amiga 500

In 1987, Commodore released the Amiga 500, a home computer, a system that -- to this day -- is beloved by dedicated gamers.

7th December '15 4 1084

The Timeless Computer: Remembering the Atari 800

I remembering seeing the Atari 400 in stores,