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All posts from John Kenneth Muir - Page 3

21st July '16 1 688

Space: 1979 – Remembering Diener’s Space Raiders and Space Creatures

In the late 1970s, Diener Industries created two memorable lines of characters (and spaceships) that also doubled as…erasers.

20th July '16 1 537

Action Packs that Really Work! Remembering the SuperJoe Adventure Team (1977)

Growing up in the seventies, I absolutely loved the large scale G.I. Joe figures from Hasbro.

15th July '16 0 799

Remembering "Sensurround," a startling "new multi-dimension" of "super reality"

14th July '16 3 641

Who Remembers Coleco’s Quiz Wiz?

In 1979, Coleco introduced to the world a small computerized toy called “The Quiz Wiz”, a rectangular device designed to test the limits of your knowledge.

7th July '16 5 8956

Imagination Makes It Fly: Fisher Price’s Alpha Probe (1980)

I was just ten years old when Fisher Price released this giant plastic Alpha Probe toy as part of its Adventure People toy line.

1st July '16 0 2248

Travel into "Unexplored Territory" with Star Trek Colorforms (1975)

As Star Trek (1966-1969) nears its 50th anniversary, it’s time to feature another franchise memory of the disco decade: The Colorforms Star Trek Adventure Set.

26th June '16 2 5381

45 Years Later: Weebles Wobble but They Don’t Fall Down

In 1971, Hasbro/Romper Room introduced the world to a classic toy of the disco-decade: The Weebles.

24th June '16 1 1812

Remembering Electroman, Ideal’s “Revolutionary Electronic Toy Sensation of 1977”

In 1977, Ideal released one of the most underwhelming toys of the disco decade, a giant superhero action figure called Electroman...

19th June '16 2 917

Have a Different Adventure Every Day: The G.I. Joe Adventure Team Headquarters

This squad of 12 inch-high adventurers (competitors with Big Jim at toy stores everywhere…) had their own universe of action with figures, playsets (and stories) in the 1970

15th June '16 0 1223

See the Pictures. Hear the Tape. Read the Book: Remembering Buena Vista’s Read-Along Adventures

Well before DVD players or streaming services existed -- and back in the age of VCRs -- another way for fans to experience the glory of their favorite science fiction movie