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All posts from John Kenneth Muir - Page 2

6th September '16 0 1025

Live Long and Prosper: Mr. Spock’s Greatest Achievements in Star Trek's Prime Universe

This week marks the fiftieth anniversary of Gene Roddenberry's space opera, Star Trek (1966-1969).

2nd September '16 1 1002

The Electronic Wizard: Remembering MERLIN (Parker Bros; 1978)

"Can you outsmart MERLIN?"

31st August '16 1 481

Beyond Battleship: Remembering Milton Bradley's Sub Search

24th August '16 1 620

Before Transformers There Were Gobots: Apart they’re Awful - Together They’re Monsterous

Today, everybody loves Hasbro’s Transformers toy line, but back in the mid-1980s the Autobots had mechanical, transforming competition…from Tonka’s Gobots

17th August '16 3 551

Capturing the Enemy’s Flag for 55 Years: Celebrating Milton Bradley’s Stratego

Created in the Netherlands in the early 20th century, Stratego was first licensed by Milton Bradley in 1960, and introduced to the public in 1961.

15th August '16 2 1339

Join the Dinky Starfleet! Remembering the Dinky Space Toys of the 1970s

12th August '16 1 561

Vaal the Right Moves: Remembering Mego’s Mission to Gamma Playset (1976)

In 1967, Star Trek (1966-1969) featured an episode titled “The Apple.”

5th August '16 0 788

Remembering Remco’s Energized Super Heroes of 1978

Here’s another great toy from the disco decade that I have never forgotten.

29th July '16 2 805

It’s You Against the Great White Shark: Remembering Ideal’s The Game of Jaws (1975)

It was the year 1975, and the apex of Jaws Mania.

27th July '16 0 846

Too Gross! Remembering Mattel’s Mad Scientist Toys of the 1980s

First in the line was my favorite item of the line: The Mad Scientist Dissect-an-Alien Kit.