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All posts from John Kenneth Muir - Page 11

24th September '15 3 2699

Sci-Fi TV: 1979 - The Forgotten Cult-TV Series that Ended the Disco Decade

20th September '15 2 608

Fair-Weather Friends? Six Times Cult-TV Imagined Weather Control Machines

18th September '15 1 1673

R2-D2 and C-3PO: When Star Wars Robots Became TV Stars

14th September '15 1 1050

Rugged Steel Worlds! Remembering the Carry-All Action Playsets by Marx

In the late 1960s, toymaker Marx introduced an incredible new concept in toys: giant fold-out “action playsets” made of “rugged steel,” or, rather tin-litho.

10th September '15 0 1454

Where No Collectibles Have Gone Before: A Survey of Weird Star Trek Merchandising Tie-Ins (1966 – 1996)

Star Trek has been around, and popular, for nearly a half-century at this point. In fact, this week marks the franchise’s 49th anniversary. In honor of that anniversary on September 8th, I thought i might be fun to take a look at some of the strange collectibles carrying the series name.

10th September '15 0 681

Change is Coming? Superhero Taglines 2009 - 2015

So...are you tired of superhero movies and their tag-lines yet? If enough of you answered in the affirmative, the age of Superheroes Triumphant may be coming to an end...

9th September '15 0 475

Fun For A Girl And A Boy: Slinky Toy Commercials Across The Decades

In 1943, an inventor named Richard James created a toy that is still going strong seventy years later: the Slinky...

7th September '15 5 4056

Saturday Morning Madness: The 5 Most Bizarre Live-Action Saturday Morning Programs of the 1970s

If you grew up watching Saturday morning programming in the disco decade, you undoubtedly have affection for all the series you saw

26th August '15 1 1651

Why So Serious? Superhero Movie Tag-lines 2001 – 2008

More great tag-lines, from the Age of Superheroes Triumphant!

23rd August '15 0 1872

Slam Evil! Superhero Tag-Lines: 1966 – 2000

Here’s a look at how those Golden Age films were sold and marketed to audiences. Below are the tag-lines used to promote superhero movies, 1966-2000: