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All posts from John Kenneth Muir - Page 10

29th October '15 0 687

Haunted with Your Favorite Monsters: Remembering Remco’s Mini-Monster Play Case (1980)

I can’t let Halloween 2015 pass without re-visiting one of the most awesome Monster-themed toys of my youth.

26th October '15 0 1441

Dismembering the Halloween Movies: The Worst And Best of the Shape Saga (1978 – 2009)

With the trick-or-treat holiday fast approaching, it seems an ideal to remember and rank the franchise that carries the name Halloween, and began with the efforts of legendary director and genre icon, John Carpenter.

23rd October '15 1 952

Sci-Fi TV: 1983 – Wizards, Holograms, and Manimal!

19th October '15 2 1455

Cult-TV: 1973 - Star Trek, The Evil Touch and The Starlost

I’ll confess, right out the gate, that I love the new cult-TV initiatives of the year 1973.

14th October '15 3 1914

Sci-Fi TV: 1985 - Misfits, Ghost-Busters, and Travelers to Other Worlds

A tried-and-true TV format attempted to make a return in the year 1985

13th October '15 2 1012

Sci-Fi TV: 1992 – Robot Cops, Sentient Diners, and Apocalypse Comedy

10th October '15 4 1423

Sci-Fi TV: 1976 – Women’s Lib in Space, Invisible Agents, and Talking Chimps

America’s bicentennial year -- 1976 -- brought a number of new science fiction TV initiatives to the airwaves, at least briefly.

5th October '15 6 852

Sci-Fi TV: 1987 – Of Comic Books, Blipverts and Road Warriors

Virtually all the new series of the season involved larger-than-life heroes, whether from fiction, a Mad Max-like dystopia, or the auspices of new, digital technology.

2nd October '15 4 2651

Sci-Fi TV: 1977 – The Year of Star Wars Also Brought These Forgotten Wonders

For my third instalment in this blog series about forgotten sci-fi television, I cast my gaze upon 1977, the year that Star Wars (1977) premiered and became an international sensation.

27th September '15 1 1454

Sci-Fi TV: 1982 -The Forgotten Series of the Early Reagan Age